MamaJ: Square Foot Gardining

MamaJ: Square Foot Gardining

Grand Mothering

This is surely the best experience since my own where tots. It is lovely to see my daughter... mother. It is encouraging that her style is not to much different than my own. It makes it easy to give props, when you agree with most everything they are doing. ; )

Square Foot Gardening 101

It feels so nice to see real food coming up from the boxes! This is the first garden I have had in years. Any New Jersey Square Foot Gardeners out there?

Raw Foods & Juicing

Seriously I should have stuck with this... when I did it in my twenties!!

Anyhow, I am loving it with a new appreciation.

I would like to hear from anyone who does juice regularly. Input, encouragement and/or testimonials would be great!